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Famed American singer and songwriter, Brandy Norwood suffered a health scare recently. She needed hospitalization. What was the reason for her hospital admission? Was it something grave?

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Brandy Norwood and her recent health scare

The renowned singer and songwriter of the USA, Brandy Norwood had a health problem recently. For it, she was admitted to a local hospital. Fortunately, she is on her way to recovery and is taking rest for it. The singer, 43 spoke to her fans via her social media. She wrote on her Twitter handle:

“To my beloved fam, friends, and starz, thank you for sending love and light my way.”

According to TMZ, Brandy probably had a seizure attack. The law enforcement had told the news outlet that the police had got a call for emergency treatment from Brandy’s Los Angeles home. This was around noontime of that day.

Brandy Norwood
Brandy Norwood (Source: Wikipedia)

Brandy did issue a statement about her health. But she did not confirm whether it was seizure attack or something else. And she did not deny it either. But the actress cum singer did mention that she was under medical supervision and is following her treating doctors’ advice. She also reported that she is taking adequate rest and had suffered from dehydration and low amount of nutrition. But she did not specify the reason for low nutrition and dehydrated state. Probably it might be busy schedules, overwork, and exhaustion leading to it.

The singer added:

Thank you for your prayers and support.”

“Grateful for you all, see you soon.”

It is reassuring that the actress is on the path of recovery.

Response of her fans

Her fans were worried about her health and poured it in the form of comments on her post. One wrote:

We love you Bran! Take your time.”

Some send her heart emojis. While another fan wrote:

Get well soon”

Brandy Norwood
Brandy Norwood is recuperating (Source: In touch weekly)

And another social media user commented:

“Sending healing energy mamas.”

Another follower remarked:

Wishing you full restoration and healing.”

And one person wrote:

“Sending you so much love queen. We need you healthy and happy!!!”

Some thanked Almighty for saving her. And others send lots of best wishes for her speedy recovery.

In June 2022, Brandy had made a surprise presence at the 2022 BET Awards. Moreover, she and Jack Harlow performed on stage a remix of First Class. And in August 2022, she was at the 20/20 special to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the 1997 TV movie Cinderella. Others present on the occasion were Whoopi Goldberg, Bernadette Peters, Paolo Montalban, Victor Garber, Veanne Cox, and Jason Alexander.

Previous health scare of Brandy

In 2017, Brandy had another health scare. She was on a flight when she lost consciousness. At that time too she was admitted in hospital. Her flight was a Delta flight from Los Angeles to New York. Brandy’s rep had said at that time:

“She has been traveling extensively as part of an ongoing tour and several personal appearances. In recent days, she has taken more than 10 long-haul flights including internationally.”

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Brandy Norwood
Brandy Norwood (Source: Hollywood life)

Further, the statement said:

“The stress of all the traveling and working so incessantly has exhausted her.”