Illnesses are undesirable. One of the worst common ailments affecting all age groups is loose motion or diarrhoea.

The abdominal cramps and decreased appetite with dehydration add to the woes. Which foods are best to eat during diarrhoea?

Loose motions: causes and symptoms

Loose motions or diarrhoea is a troublesome gut infection caused by a pathogen. Viruses, bacteria, parasites, and protozoal organisms can cause it. It can also be due to intolerance to certain foods or some form of allergy.

It leads to nausea and vomiting as well. Stools are frequent and watery. There is associated stomach ache with or without fever. If water intake is less than the loss, dehydration will set in.

There will be tiredness, weakness, and fatigue. Electrolyte disturbances ensue and may lead to neural excitement and seizures.

Rice cooked well (Source: The Kitchn)

Drinking lots of water with salt in it is the best option. Take it in small amounts at frequent intervals. Even sips of water help. Moreover, certain foods are good to stop diarrhoea. What to eat during this phase?

Foods that are good to decrease increased bowel frequency

Switch to a simple and bland diet during this time. Take foods that are partially digested and soft. These foods should have lots of water content in it. Overcooked and softened rice is best to lessen the frequency of stools.

Boiled or steamed mashed potatoes and other vegetables help to decrease the water content of stools. Bananas that are cut into smaller pieces can assist in hardening the stools.

Additionally, one can have beaten rice that is cooked properly. One can consume pulses and legumes that are cooked well and made soft.

Avoid any spices, herbs, or seasonings in it. Rice with pulses of water or soft pulses is a good combination for loose motions.

Prohibitive such as curds are good for diarrhoea (Source: Healthify me)

Not to forget that probiotics containing foods such as yoghurts, and buttermilk are ideal for halting this infective process.

They provide good bacterial flora for the gut and rectify the imbalance of good: and bad bacteria produced by the infection. Soups, coconut water, fruit juices, barley water, and electrolyte water all serve the purpose of rehydration.

Foods to avoid during diarrhoea

But certain foods can worsen your diarrhoea and hence do not consume them if you are having it. Avoid spicy foods. Also do not take too many oil.

These will increase bowel movements and not get absorbed. Keep away from fried foods for the same reason. Lessen protein intake. Therefore, do not consume eggs, meat, fish, or chicken during frequent bowel movements.

Sugary foods also are not good for diarrhoea. Water having sugar with salt and lemon is okay. High-fibre foods such as green leaves and jackfruit should be avoided. Avoid nuts, cheese and butter as well.

Electrolyte water rehydrates (Source: Healthy eating)

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In recovery, have more portions of healthy meals to compensate for the loss of energy during the diarrhoeal phase.