Food combinations

We eat food in a day in four major meals and in various combinations.

While most combinations work okay for the body, there are some food combinations that are wrong and one should avoid them.

Taking them could harm you and it could be detrimental for the body. Which are these wrong combinations of food that can disturb the harmony of the body?

Food combinations that are bad for body

We do not even ponder on our food when we eat them. We eat different foods during a meal. But not all food combinations are good for the body.

Combining certain food substances during a meal could be very harmful for the body. Hence experts on foods advise people to avoid them. Below are 6 examples of such wrong and harmful combinations.

1. Eggs and bacon food combinations

Often, one eats eggs together with bacon during a buffet breakfast. But we do not realize that this combination is bad and would leave us drained out.

The high protein of eggs and the high fat of bacon do not go well together. They will first give you high energy boost but later cause lethargy.

Food combinations
Eggs do not go well with bacon for a meal (Source: Dish by dish)

2. Cereals with juice

This is commonly eaten together by many in the mornings. But nutritionists state that the acids in the juice hamper the normal functioning of enzymes that digest the carbohydrates of cereals. Hence you will feel heavy after this meal and will not get the required energy to start the day.

3. French fries with burger

At any time of the day, we order this combination of French fries with burger. But the patty in the burger and the fries are both deep fried. Hence they are loaded with trans fats.

This lowers blood sugar and you will start feeling sleepy and tired after consuming both together.

4. Pizzas with carbonated drinks

Food combinations
Combining carbonated drink with pizza might harm the digestion (Source: iStock)

Often, we have eaten this combination in a fast food outlet. We cannot do without the soda drink while having our junk food. But we do not realize that pizzas have a lot of starch and proteins that require digestion.

But the sugar in the soda drink slows the digestive process. Hence we are left energy less and heavy at the end of this meal.

5. Tomatoes added to pasta

Having this meal gives us heaviness and bloating. The tomatoes are acidic. Hence they hinder the digestion of the complex carbohydrates of pasta. Due to improper digestion, one feels tired and heavy and gets gas trouble.

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6. Bananas in milk

Food combinations
Banana shake may not really be a healthy food (Source: Health line)

All of us love milk shakes and banana shake is one of them. But studies have revealed that this combination is unhealthy. It produces certain harmful toxins. It is heavy for the stomach to digest.

It disrupts the sinuses and cause congestion of nose. It also triggers other body allergies. Both food ingredients are high in calories and can increase weight and body mass with frequent consumption.