Chloe Ferry

British reality TV star, Chloe Ferry is young, beautiful, and talented. She has a good physique. Her fans are keen to know what she eats to maintain her weight and body shape. Chloe has shared her diet details with Closer magazine. Here is what she told the reporter of the news outlet.

Chloe Ferry and her daily diet

Chloe Ferry, 27 is a reality TV star on the UK TV. She appears in the reality TV show, Geordie Shore. And her fans are impressed with her gorgeous looks and slim and fit figure. What she eats is what her fans want to know.

Chloe Ferry
Chloe Ferry (Source: OK magazine)

Chloe shared her diet and exercise regime details with the Closer magazine. She said that usually she does not feel so much hungry in the morning hours. Hence after her morning chores, Chloe heads straight to the gym. She completes her training and only after that has her breakfast.

For breakfast which she does at home, Chloe takes a protein shake with two bread slices, two eggs, and some amount of salmon fish. And her lunch comprises of a tin of soup (usually tomato soup) with one slice of a low-calories bread.

And in the evening meal or dinner, she has usually spaghetti Bolognaise or shepherd’s pie. She cooks her own meals at home and has them warm and fresh. And in snacks, she is fond of crisps or bread with peanut butter. Chloe admitted:

I eat a lot of carbs but I burn them off at the gym and I watch my calorie count. I’ve lost 2 st in the last year.”

More on Chloe’s food likings

Chloe is not particularly fond of Brussels sprouts. When asked about the strangest food she ate, Chloe answered:

“Once I tried an oyster and it really scared me. It was just weird.”

Chloe Ferry
Chloe Ferry (Source: Irish mirror)

Regarding her food dish to impress, she said:

“It would either be my spaghetti Bolognaise with a prawn cocktail to start, or a nice steak with mash and broccoli. I make a really nice mash with butter, milk and my secret ingredient, which is a bit of cheese.”

While ordering food parcel, she prefers chicken korma with rice, naan bread and chips. In drinks, she enjoys cocktails. And her favorite is Pina Colada. And the food that comforts her is toasted bread.

Nutritionist say on Chloe’s eating habits

Nutritionist Juliette Kellow has this to opine on Chloe’s diet:

“Carbs are excellent energy providers, so it’s great to see Chloe enjoy them when working out. High-fibre carbs like wholemeal bread, wholegrain rice, pasta and porridge provide a slow, steady release of energy. Chloe could do with adding more fruit and veg to her diet. She should aim for five daily servings to help boost her intake of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.”

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Chloe Ferry
Chloe Ferry (Source: Chronicle Live)

Chloe is able to maintain her weight and also look elegant despite a high carb diet. But she takes complex carbs and nuts and seeds too. These are healthier and provide a slow release of energy. Moreover, they have a lower glycemic index and are therefore healthy. But she will benefit by having more of fruits and veggies in her meals.