Dani Imbert

TV actress, Dani Imbert features in the reality TV show of the UK, TOWIE. She is impressive and slim. Dani shared her eating secrets for her fans. Here are the details from Closer magazine.

Dani Imbert and her food secrets

Dani Imbert is 24 now. She owns a gorgeous body and is lean and fit. Viewers would like to know more about her daily diet and the secrets of her fitness. Dani told Closer staff that she spends around 200 pounds every week for her food. And what does she eat with this money?

Dani Imbert
Dani Imbert (Source: OK magazine)

Dani lives with her mother and brother. Her mother shops and cooks food for all three of them. They eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and this is healthy. Dani said that she has cereals at breakfast time. Her lunch is at her workplace. But she prefers to eat light and has usually a sandwich or baguette.

Along with meals, she does snack many times in the day. Her snacks include chocolate or crisps. Chocolate is good in moderation but dark chocolate offer more benefits for health than the milk chocolate. Dani revealed that her mother is a great cook and at night, her mother usually cooks a curry, spaghetti Bolognese or a casserole.

Dani’s likes and dislikes in eating

Every person has food likes and dislikes and so does Dani. But Dani revealed that she does not fuss over food. Nonetheless, she is not fond of onions, mushrooms, or sprouts. When queried about the strangest food dish she had, Dani’s answer was:

“Snails. I tried them in a restaurant once but I didn’t like the texture.”

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Dani Imbert
Dani Imbert and her refrigerator (Source: Closer magazine)

Dani cooks very less number of times and is yet learning it. She said that she is a limited cook and hence she can cook only spaghetti Bolognese, or anything that is related to pasta. Beyond that she has no idea about cooking other food dishes. Whenever she has fruends as guests at home and she is alone, Dani orders food from outside as a takeaway.

In drinks, Dani enjoys vodka and lemonade or a glass of rosé. This she drinks usually at night time. When Dani feels low and alone, she opts for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream or a bar of Galaxy chocolate. These are her comfort foods.

Nutritionist Juliette Kellow and her verdict on Dani’s diet

Nutritionist Juliette Kellow feels that the best part of Dani’s eating is her regularity and eating on schedule. Moreover, she eats a lot of fruits and vegetables that are nutritious. The family has dinner together. This is good for health.

Dani Imbert
Dani Imbert (Source: Closer magazine)

Nutritionist Juliette Kellow opined:

It’s great to see plenty of fruit and veg in the fridge. Dani gets top marks for eating regularly, but her snacks could be healthier – good choices include wholegrain toast with peanut butter, oat cakes, veg sticks with houmous or tzatziki or fruit.”

“Learning to cook would also be a great skill for Dani to have and give her more control over the nutrition in her meals.”