Pegan diet

Have you heard of the Pegan diet? It is a diet made by a doctor (Mark Hyman) and advised for losing fat and building muscle.

Is it effective? Is it safe? Are there any unlikely adverse effects of it on the body in the short or long term?

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What is a Pegan Diet?

A doctor named Mark Hyman has designed the Pegan diet. It is a combine of Paleo diet and vegan diet. Mark has put all the details of this diet in his book that is a bestseller.

He is an American physician and medical director of The UltraWellness Center that he foybded. Earlier he worked as a columnist for The Huffington Post.

He used to regularly contribute to the Katie Couric Show that ceased broadcast in 2013.

Pegan diet
Dr. Mark Hyman (Source: Wikipedia)

And in this diet, 75% of the foods should be of plant origin. 25% can be animal origin foods but these should all be of the sustainable type.

Dr. Mark states that this diet will promote weight loss and also bring down the body inflammatory processes. Thus, chronic diseases will decrease and health will improve.

Since on this diet, you can consume eggs, meat, and fish there is no risk of protein deficiency that one sees with a vegan diet.

The don’ts in Dr. Mark Hyman’s diet

The dieter can consume the above foods. But on this certain items are excluded. The slimmer cannot have those foods

. These include vegetable oils, non-organic produce, gluten, soya, monosodium glutamate, artificial sweeteners, additives, preservatives and dyes. Dairy milk cannot be taken.

But the dieter can have organic sheep or goat milk. Additionally though the slimmer can take cooked grains, the quantity cannot exceed 125 g per day. The amount of legumes daily cannot be more than 75 g.

Pegan diet
Pegan diet (Source: YouTube)

Advantages of the diet

The diet allows ample quantities of fruits and vegetables daily. This is good because these provide satiety and fiber along with vital minerals and vitamins. These plant products are also rich in antioxidant levels.

They mop up free radicals and prevent cell damage, cancer, aging, and chronic inflammation. All these are beneficial in the long run. Furthermore, you can have unlimited amounts of proteins.

There are no restrictions on these products except for grains and legumes. Hence, you can eat to the satisfaction of your heart and stomach. You do not require to measure portions of food to eat.

Pegan diet
Pegan diet (Source: Pinterest)

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But Dr. Mark links certain foods to diseases that is incorrect. For instance, he says that dairy foods can cause cancer. There is no scientific evidence behind this stated link.

He also states that gluten is the root cause of obesity and weight gain. Ths statement is also wrong because there is no backing for it. Dr. Mark asks the dieter to limit grains and legumes as they cause autoimmune diseases.

Again, this link is an unproven one. These restrictions of food could cause a food imbalance and lead to poor health or deficiencies. It is best to have a varied diet in moderation for good health.