worst dinner food

Often, body inflammation is the result of faulty diet. It progresses to chronic diseases and obesity. We can reduce the effect with incorporation of anti -inflammatory foods in our daily diet. But we should also be aware of and lessen the intake of foods that can aggravate the inflammation. Dietitian Trista Best shares the worst dinner food that is pro-inflammatory. Which is it?

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Inflammation and food

Body inflammation is bad for health. It is a precursor of chronic diseases of heart, blood vessels and other vital body organs. It leads to gut issues and cognitive decline. Moreover, it causes obesity and metabolic disorders.

worst dinner food
Fried chicken (Source: The stay at home chef)

Certain foods can help lessen the amount of inflammation. The list of these anti-inflammatory foods is here. And there are other foods that can increase inflammation. The list of best pro-inflammatory food items is outlined here. One should increase consumption of the former foods and decrease eating of the latter foods. Dietitian Trista Best reveals the worst dinner food that can aggravate inflammation.

Fried chicken: the worst dinner food

Fried chicken is the worst food to have at dinner time. It includes a chicken part that is covered with bread crumbs or refined flour with added salt and spices and deep fried in oil.

It is extremely delicious. But it induces inflammation. And is bad for health if eaten in excessive amounts. Trista says:

“Fried chicken can be inflammatory because it is often prepared with high amounts of unhealthy fats and processed ingredients,”

The reason is that it is coated with bread crumbs (breading) or refined flour and later deep-fried in oil. Trista explains:

Many fried chicken recipes and fast-food options are coated in flour or bread crumbs, which are often made from refined grains.”

worst dinner food
Fried chicken (Source: Wikipedia)

The refined forms of grains are devoid of dietary fiber and other essential nutrients. But they continue to have calories with no nutritional value. These are empty calories that cause weight gain, increase appetite and are not filling. Moreover, these refined grains elevate blood sugar drastically and lead to insulin resistance. Trista states:

This can contribute to inflammation and insulin resistance, which are risk factors for chronic diseases,”

Salt and oil

Additionally, this fried form of chicken has a lot of salt in it. This leads to water retention, high blood pressure and high inflammation. And the oil also damages. Trista elaborates:

When chicken is deep-fried in oil, it absorbs the oil and the heat can cause harmful compounds to form, such as advanced glycation end products (AGEs) and acrylamide,”

worst dinner food
The worst dinner food (Source: The Kitchn)

These toxic compounds can adversely affect the heart and cause cancer too. Therefore, avoid fried forms of chicken. Otherwise chicken is healthy with high protein. One can grill it or add its pieces to salads for a wholesome and healthy meal. Moreover, one can lessen the ill effects of fried chicken by using an airfryer to cook it. This will lessen the use of oil in the recipe.

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Also, one should keep eating of it to moderation. Have it as an occasional treat and not frequently. This would assist in promoting good and positive health and mind.