Summer is already in and UK drinks companies have seen rising profits. New types of drinks have entered the market and consumers are making a beeline for them.

Which would be the most popular drink this summer?

Instacart survey on most popular drink this summer

With the rising heat, the soft drinks and alcoholic drinks market is noticing a rising demand. New products are launched and their popularity is showing an upward trend.

Last summer, it was the hard seltzers that managed to bring in the maximum sales and hence profits. Their demand was high last year. But this summer, it is going to be different. The most popular drink this summer seems to be cocktails in a can.

Most popular drink
Canned cocktails UK (Source: Evening Standard)

Instacart data shows that the number one drink of the summer of 2022 would be canned cocktails. The reason is that they are refreshing and convenient. Laurentia Romaniuk, Instacart’s Trends Expert states:

Based upon what we’re seeing in Instacart’s digital aisles, we predict this year’s ‘drink of the summer’ will beĀ canned cocktails,”

And Laurentia adds:

“With summertime travel reaching new heights this year, whether folks are adventuring far from home or gathering in a loved one’s backyard, we believe convenience, price point, and new, buzzy options will be key factors when deciding which beverages to purchase.”

New canned cocktails and their brands

Canned cocktails are flavored drinks with an alcoholic punch and are in convenient can forms. There can be several varieties of them. Additionally, they can be light and breezy to a more complex and boost type.

Most popular drink
Hard seltzers UK (Source: The Drinks Business)

As the demand for canned cocktails is soaring, old manufacturing companies are jumping in to earn these sales. They have commenced manufacturing these products.

Several brands of this product have hit the market and including the Simply Spiked lemonade from Coca-Cola and Molson Coors. Talking about this rise in brands, Laurentia reveals:

“The number of canned cocktail options available on the Instacart platform has increased by more than 60% from summer 2020 to summer 2021,”

Experts also predict that along with canned cocktails, there will be more demand also for vodka, light lager beer, and non-alcoholic beer.

Generation and drinks

Instacart has also revealed through accurate and reliable data that there is a generational difference in the choice of drinks in summer.

Last year, the millennials preferably chose hard seltzer. And baby boomers opted more for Chardonnay.

Generation Z people are yet not in the drinking age group. But Instacart found that in the young people between the age group of 21 to 25 years, Moscato, malt beverages, hard Seltzers, and tequila was being purchased.

Most popular drink
Canned cocktails(Source: Delish)

But the data also shows that there is an increasing demand for non-alcoholic drinks. These include canned mocktails. 44% of the surveyed population wanted to have summer drinks that would not cause a hangover.

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Along with the above, go this summer for some nutritious drinks as well such as buttermilk, mint-flavored juices, fresh fruit juices, and the like.