Green bananas

We eat bananas when they are just ripe. But did you know that raw or green bananas are also good for health? They have numerous health benefits.

Health enthusiasts are thrilled about their nutritional values.

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Green bananas

Green bananas, as the name suggests, are green in color on the outside. They are raw bananas. Hence they have highly resistant types of complex starch in them. Additionally, they are high in tough fiber.

They lack in gluten and can be used to make food items for people with celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Their sugar content is low.

The sugar increases with the ripening of the fruit. They also have higher pectin in them. They have a different taste and a tougher texture.

Green bananas
Green bananas (Source: Packaging Europe)

Due to the less sugar content, green bananas have a bland to slightly bitter taste. They are less mushy. Most of us prefer yellow or golden bananas. But green bananas are also nutritive and are best for certain health conditions.

Nutritive values

These bananas are the raw stage of bananas. Their nutritive profile is similar with certain variations as compared to the yellow bananas.

Each green variety of these bananas has 3 g of fiber and 80% is complex and highly resistant to starch or carbohydrates.

The other categories of nutrition are almost similar to the yellow bananas: 358 mg of potassium, 27 mg of magnesium, 5 mg of calcium, 22 µg of lutein and zeaxanthin, 20 µg of folate, 8.7 mg of vitamin C, 22.84 g of carbohydrates.

Green bananas
Ripening of bananas (Source: Chiquita)

As the banana ripens, its complex starch decreases, and its sugar content rises. This provides the fruit with its sweet taste. The peel also turns yellow. Later, brown spots start appearing on the surface of the peel.

The sweetness of the bananas further increases and they become soft and mushy. This soft form can be used in cakes, milkshakes, and smoothies.

Health benefits

The green variety of bananas is good for the gut and digestion. They relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and constipation. The tough fiber bulks the stools and improves bowel movements.

The risk of colorectal cancer diminishes. They are also helpful in controlling recurrent loose motions in children. Mucosal gastric lesions also heal with these bananas.

The complex starch breaks down in the stomach and serves as a prebiotic for the gut bacteria.

These bacteria act on the starch and convert it into healthy nutrients for the body. Short-chain fatty acids such as butyrate result. This boosts immunity.

Green bananas
Yellow bananas (Source: What can babies eat? And when?

Raw bananas have a low glycemic index. Hence blood sugar spikes are avoided. Hence they are beneficial for diabetics. Metabolic diseases and heart diseases are prevented.

It improves insulin sensitivity. Due to its filling nature, it can aid weight loss. Green banana flour is good for obesity and for those with high blood cholesterol. They can fight body inflammation. Its potassium content can lower blood pressure.

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Though safe, they may create trouble for allergic people and those with sensitive stomachs.